Nunber 8 Northumberland Road Corporate band!

Live Corporate Entertainment in London!

Corporate Entertainment London!

Adam Chandler and his band WLIU Performing the huge car brand Bentley in central London for their Corproate Event.

We light it up performs live at number 8 Northumberland road in London for a huge corporate celebration hosted by Bentley! Being used to performing for award ceremonies the band had to play short snippets as the winners of each award made their way to the stage area to collect their prize. With the LED Drums raised slightly higher than the rest of the Band the stage looked fantastic and the band were eager to get the crowd dancing.

With the Bentley Logo splashed onto the screens the corporate band knew they had to give a great performance and that is exactly what they did. Once the awards were over and the prize winners had taken all the photos they needed to the band were given the green light to get this corporate party under way. Opening with uptown funk as requested it was obvious why the organisers had chosen that number. The dance floor was packed from the get go! Professional dancers were also hired which really made the event that little bit more special as they were incredibly talented.

Two awards nights in a row and both of them left the band feeling that buzz you only get when an audience is really up for a party. Thank you to all the team at the venue you were fantastic!
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